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The White Mulberry is a thoughtful gifting platform. We partner with women artisans in our community and craftspeople in other parts of the world to create unique gifts. The handcrafted artisanal products are showcased in specially designed boxes and baskets to create a one of a kind gifting experience. As a company rooted in the values of social responsibility, our mission is to help as many talented artisans as we can reach, to generate meaningful livelihood. Ours is a symbiotic relationship of care, community, and creative fulfillment that culminate in a fine line of products being brought into the folds of the broader marketplace.

The White Mulberry aims to create an awareness in the act of gift giving, a strong mindful connection between the maker, the giver and the recipient. Drawing inspiration from the values of the farm to table culture, we are fostering an artisanal gift giving movement. We hope to initiate more awareness between the making and the consuming; a moment’s pause to appreciate the quality of the product, to know that it has been sourced mindfully and fairly..

Our individual and corporate customers value our consistent focus on personalization which ensures that the gifts stand out as meaningful and distinctive. They appreciate that buying from us is another way for them to give back to their local communities, and to help underserved craftspeople in other parts of the world.

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