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5 Rakhi Gift Boxes that Will Wow: Rakshabandhan Gift Guide 2024

Rakshabandhan Gift Boxes

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As Rakshabandhan approaches, a time to honor the cherished bond between siblings, are you searching for a way to express your love and appreciation that truly resonates? Look no further! We believe in the power of thoughtful gifts that evoke lasting memories and emotions.

Rakshabandhan, celebrated on August 19th in 2024, transcends a simple gift exchange. It's a beautiful tradition that strengthens the bond of love and protection between brothers and sisters.

The sacred thread, or rakhi, symbolizes a sister's prayer for her brother's well-being, while the brother's vow signifies his unwavering commitment to protect his sister.

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Handmade Rakhi Gifts

Our gifting company, The White Mulberry, was founded on a deep respect for handmade craftsmanship, and a desire to empower artisans and small businesses. This Rakshabandhan, we invite you to embrace the spirit of the occasion with our exquisite gift boxes. Each box is meticulously curated to spark emotions, create lasting memories, and bring a smile to the face of your beloved sibling.

By choosing a thoughtful gift from The White Mulberry, you can participate in this meaningful tradition while also supporting talented artisans and small businesses.



To help make your Rakhi gifting easy this year, we've curated a list for you of our top 5 Rakhi Gift Boxes for your sibling.

From simple yet beautiful gift bags featuring a lovely handmade Rakhi and a small treat to luxurious Rakhi Gift Boxes completely full of artisan goods, your brother (or sister) will love these best Rakhi Gifts 2024:


Rakhi Box: Siblings Forever - Azure 

rakhi gift bag


A simple and charming gift pouch that captures the essence of Rakshabandhan. This Rakhi gift set include:

  • Keepsake Potli, elegant reusable drawstring potli with gota patti. 
  • Gorgeous handmade Rakhi (choose from many different styles!)
  • Beautifully packed Roli-tika-chawal
  • Rakhi Card with your personalized message 


Rakhi Box: A Token of Love 

handmade rakhi gift box


A delicate hand-carved wooden gift box that captures the essence of Rakshabandhan. The Rakhi gift box includes:

  • Keepsake Shisham wood gift box carved by hand
  • Gorgeous handmade Rakhi (choose from many different styles!)
  • 3 pc Ferrero Rocher Chocolate 
  • Beautifully packed Roli Tika Chawal
  • Rakhi card with your personalized message


    Rakhi Box - Memories of Our Childhood 

    rakhi gift box


    Experience nostalgia with our gift box inspired by the pure joy of kite-flying in childhood and the cherished moments of Raksha Bandhan, where laughter and mischief were woven together.

    Each product in this curated box is thoughtfully chosen to deliver a heartfelt experience that reflects your sentiments. This Rakhi gift box includes:

    • Luxurious kite-print box
    • Beautiful handmade Rakhi (choose from many different styles!) on display pillow
    • Traditional Indian Sweets (Soan Papdi)
    • Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate
    • Pack of Premium Almonds
    • Beautifully packed Roli-tika-chawal
    • Rakhi card with your personalized message


      Rakhi Box - Auspicious Ganesha 

      luxury rakhi gift box


      This Rakshabandhan, usher in prosperity and good fortune for your sibling with one of our most exclusive Rakhi boxes. Adorned with the auspicious Ganesha design, revered as the remover of obstacles, this box embodies the essence of the festival.

      Inside this unique Rakhi gift box, you'll discover a stunning handmade puja thali, perfect for celebrating the rituals of Rakshabandhan. We've also included a delightful selection of mithai, those irresistible Indian sweets, to tantalize their taste buds.

      And to complete the luxurious experience, we've added a selection of premium almonds and pistachios, a symbol of abundance and good health. What's inside this Rakhi gift box:

      • Luxury gift box with beautiful Ganesha design
      • Beautiful handmade Rakhi (choose from several lovely designs!) on a display pillow
      • Handmade puja thali 
      • Traditional Indian sweets (Soan Papdi)
      • Delicious Indian coconut cookies
      • Premium organic Almonds 
      • Premium organic Pistachios 
      • Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar 
      • Beautifully packed Roli-tika-chawal
      • Rakhi card with your personalized message


        Rakhi Box - The Bond of Affection 

        For the sibling who appreciates the finer things, look no further than our most exclusive Rakhi box. This handcrafted masterpiece is a testament to the refined skills of Indian artisans, showcasing a meticulously hand-carved Shisham wood design.

        This gift set comes with a delicious mithai along with premium Almonds and Pistachios. This Rakhi Gift box includes:

        • Beautiful handmade Rakhi (choose from all our beautiful styles) on a display pillow
        • Keepsake Shisham wood gift box carved by hand
        • Traditional Indian Sweets (Soan Papdi)
        • Delicious coconut cookies 
        • Premium organic Pistachios 
        • Premium organic Almonds 
        • 3 pack Ferrero Rocher chocolate 
        • Beautifully Packed Roli Tika Chawal 
        • Rakhi card with your personalized message


          Rakshabandhan Gift Guide for Brothers


          As Rakshabandhan 2024 draws near, let The White Mulberry elevate your celebration and help you express your heartfelt emotions to your siblings.

          Our curated gift boxes, brimming with handcrafted treasures and delicious treats, are more than just presents; they're a way to honor the sanctity of this tradition. By choosing The White Mulberry, you'll not only weave joy into your sibling's day but also empower talented artisans and small businesses.

          Rakhi with Sweets

          This Rakshabandhan, embrace the beauty of tradition, create memories that last a lifetime, and make it truly unforgettable with The White Mulberry.

          Pre-order your exquisite Rakhi gift box today and ensure it arrives just in time to weave its magic into the Rakhi festivities!

          Please note: Prices and product availability are subject to change. For the most current information, please head on over to our Rakshabandhan Gift Box Collection 2024