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Handcrafted Gifts

A hand knit crochet sweater that my grandmother gave me when I was seven years old is a gift that stays with me to this day. I was ecstatic and remember wanting to wear the brightly colored sweater all the time - it is something that I have held onto dearly for many years, that I still cherish. With the numerous presents I’ve received through the years the memory of that sweater still stays with me; clear and crisp as that bright morning on the day Nani gave it to me. As I write, I still feel the gentle embrace of my grandmother’s love in that gift. It stays memorable even after three and a half decades because it was handcrafted, made especially for me.  “It is not how much we give but how much love we put in the giving”- Mother Teresa

To me the care and effort that my Nani put in in making the sweater is priceless. 

An eternal conundrum is- what makes a perfect gift? Something you want to give or something the other person wants to receive? Every person who wants to give the perfect gift has the task of coming up with an inspired idea - something that will be meaningful, something that will represent their sentiment flawlessly. There are those who love to spend hours thinking about it and those who devote countless hours to making it. My favorite story of a gift is about the one my friend Melissa received last year and still can’t stop talking about - a personalized quilt made from her daughter’s first birthday dress. How valuable is that? As a mother of two young children,it gives me goosebumps to even think about what that quilt must mean to her.

Crafters like my grandmother, Melissa’s friend- and many others we know are some of the most creative and talented people in our communities.They have an instinct for creating beauty that brings joy to people. But what makes their creations really special is the passion, expertise and thought that goes into their craft. However, many of them remain in the shadows. Very few people outside of their families and close friends learn about their skill let alone get an opportunity to appreciate it. The use of social media has done its share in spreading the word for them but it’s not anywhere near enough. 

Is there a way to exhibit the talent of the crafters and artisanal makers in our communities? Can there be a meeting point between those who want to give a meaningful gift but do not have the time or commitment to make it and the people who make exceptional products? 

Showcasing the talents of these gifted makers and their artisanal products in a gifting platform, where people have the opportunity to choose high quality, exclusive gifts is the mission of The White Mulberry. 

It is a platform that has been created to make gift giving unique and personal. We believe that gifting is one of the most pristine gestures of care- to make someone feel that they matter, that their happiness is thought of. Handcrafted creations excel at showing care - they are created from a good place and their quality brings joy and pleasure to everyone who experiences them. The act of giving brings rewards in itself - in an ever increasing world of distrust and disconnect, it fosters connections, honors interdependence & promotes feelings of well being. 

So are handcrafted products the perfect gift then? Can an evening be made memorable by a gift box filled with hand-mixed tea blends, home-made cookies, award winning handmade and hand painted chocolates or with a spa box that contains blends essential oils, a hand-poured soy-candle with a soothing aroma or a relaxing bath tea with dried farm fresh flowers and herbs? Can it be made special by a bottle of locally brewed artisan wine paired with special curation for a charcuterie board- hand made sausages, hand crafted cheese, crackers, jam and tapenade? We will let you decide. 

Our team’s job is to find exceptional artisan products in the community and beyond and explore unique ways to present these handmade creations so that the gift givers - corporates and individuals and the recipients find joy in giving and receiving. We constantly strive to create the desired emotional connection between the two.The appreciation and love that we have thus far received from our customers has been overwhelming and humbling. We are grateful for the opportunity to shine a light on our talented makers, always mindful of the trust customers place on us, and the joy of creating the best backdrop possible for our wonderful products. 

We hold the words of Maya Angelou close to our heart-

”I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.

Tanu Pant and Vaswati Bhatnagar