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As we continue to shelter in place, many in the community are looking for new income sources while others struggle to find help for simple things like grocery shopping.
As a local Mountain View company built on the foundation of supporting our local communities, we now offer a simple way for you to get groceries from nearby stores delivered to your doorstep by residents of your city who are severely impacted by this crisis. Please consider using their services. It’s a small effort to help them earn an income when they need it the most.

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  1. A delivery fee of $10 for up to 15 items and $0.50 for every additional item.  Credit card / PayPal payment processing charges ~3% to be borne by the customer. Payment is due when the items are delivered. Tips welcome and encouraged. 100% of the tips received go directly to the shopper.

  2. Delivery of items is subject to availability at your chosen store. Shoppers cannot decide on alternatives unless specified by you. We encourage you to specify alternatives for unavailable items where you can e.g. Greek Gods Plain Greek Yogurt 2% fat 32oz [0% fat Ok. Different brand ok]

  3. Currently only available in Mountain View and Los Altos. We are working on adding more cities. However, if any elderly or differently-abled community members in the larger South Bay Area need support, please let us know at

  4. One store per order only. To order items from multiple stores place separate orders for each.

  5. We do not deliver alcohol.

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