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Aquarius and Aquarius Sibling Compatibility


As an Aquarius, you are an intellectual and found lost in your deep thinking process. Being the problem solver you are, people often seek answers, and you love to help them, for you are a giver. You see the world full of endless possibilities, but at the same time, you love your own space and like to be away from the world to recharge your inner batteries. Ruled by the Uranus planet, you can be rigid and act aggressively sometimes. But on the positive side, the planetary effect compels you to be focused, and you know exactly where you want to be in the next five or ten years. Your strength lies in your humanitarian spirit and your independent nature, whereas your weaknesses lie in your unforgiving and aggressive nature. If you appreciate being around people and helping them, you might dislike them the other minute if they disagree with you.

Aquarius & Aquarius Sibling Compatibility

Two Aquarius siblings may sound like a great combination at first, but this is not always the case. Both of you will insist that everyone should emphasize their own ideas, but you will try to let the other sibling know that your ideas are better or more important. This might get too much for both of you, resulting in many fights in the future. You both have the same way of showing off your tantrums; hence your fights will go longer, until or unless one of you tries to pacify the situation. Your fights will be a frequent event until you reach adulthood. As you start to experience your life in different ways, you both will realize that you are similar rather than different. This understanding will help to strengthen your bond in the later stage of your lives.



Respect for your individual talents is the key to your happiness and sanity. Acceptance of each other’s opinions will help you two to strengthen your relationship.


The two of you are going to fight from time to time. Having two strong leaders are bound to incite a few challenges on the way to the top spot in the pecking order.