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Aries and Cancer Sibling Compatibility


As a Fire Sign, Aries tends to be more proactive as a leader in any situation. You show your ambition, motivation, and passion as you dive headfirst into any project to get the best possible results. You blindly show leadership and take control of any situation without any doubt, which is why it is so important for you to be optimistic and continue to show confidence through your decisions. Leaping before you think is usually the protocol followed, which might come with some ‘lessons learned’ moments throughout your life. As a result, you believe you are usually right in the moment; therefore, some selfish tendencies might develop if not careful. Also, Aries have quite an explosive temper, so others might want to wait until you let the steam off before approaching you.


As a Water sign, you have many great qualities; you are nurturing, highly intuitive, and emotional, all traits that help in having emotional intelligence and empathy for others. Cancers are usually most comfortable when they are alone or with their close circle of family and friends. You enjoy getting to know others on a personal level rather than in big groups. For this reason, you are loyal and protective to your friends. Besides these remarkable qualities, you are also known to always want to get your way in any situation. That combined with your moodiness could come across as not the greatest combination. In the end, as a Cancer, you are committed to showing love to those around you.

Aries & Cancer Sibling Compatibility

It may seem as if you two don't have a lot in common, but in reality, you compliment each other perfectly. You are both self starters and enjoy similar activities. Through this, you spend more time together coming up with ideas and strategies for your next project. Similarly, both signs cannot finish what they have started and usually say 'yes' to activities before they know if they can fully commit to them. Fights may erupt as Cancer is a very emotional sign and Aries is hard headed. You need to work hard to have a great relationship. As you grow up, your main focus will be your family, which includes each other of course, so you will continuously learn to deal with your many differences.


Your love for your family is your biggest strength. You both want to support and respect your family and friends in any way, shape or form. Through this love, you will be able to have a great bond with one another as you learn to deal with your differences and actually celebrate them as well.


Your different ways of showing emotions might lead to fights about your interests or your ideas on life. As long as both of you are committed to working out these issues, your relationship will flourish.