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Cancer and Cancer Sibling Compatibility


As a Water sign, you have many great qualities attached; you are nurturing, highly intuitive, and emotional, all traits that help in having emotional intelligence and empathy for others. Cancers are usually most comfortable when they are alone or with their close circle of family and friends. You enjoy getting to know others on a personal level rather than in big groups. For this reason, you are loyal and protective to your friends in any situation. Besides these great qualities, you are also known to always want to get your way in any situation. That combined with your moodiness could come across as not the greatest combination. In the end, as a Cancer, you are committed to showing you love those around you.

Cancer & Cancer Sibling Compatibility

You are both calm, sensitive, and thoughtful most of the time, so you are bound to get along with one another. Your parents are grateful for you both, who do every house chores together without any fuss. However, you both can be too sensitive at times, which can lead to disputes among one another, especially during your teenage years. Since you both enjoy a bit of competition, you like to challenge each other in many ways. You both also like attention from anyone around you and are not willing to share it. As Cancers, you are both high-maintenance people; you need a lot of stroking and encouragement. When you fight, it can become quite vicious, if solely verbal. There will be times when feelings are hurt and ‘sorry’ comes neither from both of you. But eventually, as you grow older, you will learn to respect each other's opinions and will adopt a friendly approach towards your competitions.


Two Cancer siblings are bound to understand one another very easily seeing as you are both sensitive souls. This will most likely help in gaining a healthy relationship between the two of you.


Your competition can fuel many fights, so you have to control this area of your personalities and try your best to work out any coming arguments.