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Cancer and Capricorn Sibling Compatibility


As a Water sign, you have many great qualities; you are nurturing, highly intuitive, and emotional, all traits that help in having emotional intelligence and empathy for others. Cancers are usually most comfortable when they are alone or with their close circle of family and friends. You enjoy getting to know others on a personal level rather than in big groups. For this reason, you are loyal and protective to your friends. Besides these remarkable qualities, you are also known to always want to get your way in any situation. That combined with your moodiness could come across as not the greatest combination. In the end, as a Cancer, you are committed to showing love to those around you.


As a Capricorn, you are known as a master of ‘Self Control.’ You like to keep a practical approach to life. Your peers know you as someone solemn in life. You do not want to repeat your mistakes; hence that makes you a very cautious person. Thinking twice before taking any decision is you, and that has a lot to do with your significant ruling sign - Saturn. Saturn represents responsibility and restrictions that might sometimes lead you to act stiff, cold, and distant even to your near ones. It also makes it difficult for you to accept different views and appreciate others’ opinions. Forgiveness and acceptance are your two traits, if you inculcate them in your life, you might find yourself closer to people. Your strength lies in your disciplined attitude, whereas your weakness can be unacceptance and stubbornness. If you appreciate being balanced and practical in life, you might seem to hate everything at some point in life.

Cancer & Capricorn Sibling Compatibility

Even though they are on opposite sides of the zodiac scale, they are able to get along great with one another. The siblings are natural partners in most things they commit to engaging in. Cancer nurtures Capricorn while Capricorn protects and encourages Cancer to try new activities. You both realize you are two halves of a full puzzle, so the fact that you have different goals in life does not bother you. You continue to communicate effectively and enjoy your time together.



Capricorn and Cancer are a perfect combination as their differences can rub off on the other. Basically, you are able to see each other in a way nobody else can. The siblings are able to respect and fully rely on one another.


You have different goals for your life, therefore, you might be apart for some time, but when you get together, it is as if no time has passed.