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Gemini and Pisces Sibling Compatibility


Geminis are usually interested in many different areas, to the point where they feel like they have to clone themselves. From this duality, the sign Air sign is usually seen as two-faced, however, that is far from the truth. You do not have a hidden agenda, in fact, you are usually playful and curious about the world. You are also continuously juggling your work, hobbies, friends, and family, which is why you usually do not have enough time to sit and maybe watch a movie. You feel like there always has to be movement around you. As a Gemini, you also love to express your emotions externally. If you have anything to say, you definitely will not dwell on it, but in fact, you will come out and express yourself. Through this expression though, you have to think long before stating your thoughts as you may hurt others’ feelings at times. This is bound to happen since Gemini loves to talk on social portals such as Twitter as much as they like to talk in real life.


As a Pieces, you are a social butterfly, and different people always surround you. You believe in selfless service, and you are a giver. You also believe in expressing your emotions and count that as your strength. A compassionate person you are, you empathize with people and take the plunge to contribute something good in their life. Ruled by the Neptune, you are intuitive and often drawn to art and music. You find solace in the music and treat it as therapy to heal your soul. Faithful, Generous, Emotional, and Forgiving are your strong character traits. You are also known as the most tolerant of all the zodiac signs. Your strength lies in your gentle and accepting nature, whereas your weakness lies in overly trusting and desire to escape reality. You are fond of Music, Romance, and Art, whereas hate anything that distorts your peace.

Gemini & Pieces Sibling Compatibility

Gemini and Pisces tend to help one another out in any situation. Gemini is curious and active while Pisces is reserved and shy in many ways. Even with these differences however, the signs are able to show one another their traits so they can get a better idea of how the other operates. This also helps both of you explore different parts of your personalities in order for you to see what works best in some situations.


Since you are very different, you have much to teach one another about your differences as you grow up. All through adulthood, you will continue to be thrilled for each other's achievements and projects in the works.


When you fight, Pisces might get their feelings hurt from Gemini's way of blurting out their thoughts, while Pisces might insult Gemini's intelligence