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Leo and Leo Sibling Compatibility


Leos are like their accompanied animal, the Lion; strong, dominant, and ready to lead. Once you set a goal, you will do anything to achieve it by any means necessary. You are willing to work through anything in order to reach your goal which leads to a successful work mentality. Other qualities that personify Leos are the ability to show your cleverness, kindness, and self-confidence towards others. As a Leo, you have a lot of love to give to anyone in your circle of family and friends. You love spending time with loved ones and even spoil them. With these qualities, you tend to attract most personalities. 

Leo & Leo Sibling Compatibility

Leo and Leo are a dramatic pair to be siblings. Leos are generally courteous and generous -- until you come against each other. The show will call for an exciting audience that loves drama and a heightened twist in the plot. Putting two of you in the same room can be hazardous to everyone’s peace and serenity! You both will quarrel over many things, and sometimes it will go to the extent that your parents have to intervene. But as you grow older, you both will learn to respect each other, and for the sake of family peace, you will choose to keep your rivalry aside.



There will be times when your gentle, generous, and caring side will come out, bringing peace to your relationship.


Your competitive personalities can result in fights breaking out often and quickly escalating in no time.