Sibling Compatibility Libra & Scorpio I The White Mulberry

Libra and Scorpio Sibling Compatibility


Libras, you are known for being balanced and charming, as well as beautiful from the inside and out. You also love to compromise in many situations to make peace with others. This makes you a great sibling and friend to anyone as you want to make others happy. Through your social and diplomatic skills, you are able to make anyone feel close to you. You are also quite smart and clever, which is why you can talk to anyone about any subject that comes to your mind. For any topic, you always have the perfect thing to say. Others truly value you as a person. Your sibling will most likely have a good time with you unless you are very different from them. Your outgoing nature will rub off on others, and usually, you might have fights that, with communication, get solved quickly!


As a Scorpio, you are determined, passionate, and a brave soul. You are the most faithful friend one can ever have and a great secret keeper. Your near ones always look up to you for a deceive decision for they know how conscious and resourceful a person you are. Ruled by Mars, you believe in expressing your emotions, and you take pride in that. Governed by Pluto, you have the aura of a calm person, reflecting in your behavior. Some people may find you mysterious for your calm appearance. An inborn leader you are, your dedication and determination are what people envy of you. Your strength lies in your authenticity, and you discard dishonesty. Even though you have a conscious mind, you can fall into jealousy and turn violent if something unexpected comes your way. An attitude of acceptance will help you in the long run to lead an easy social life.

Libra & Scorpio Sibling Compatibility

Libra and Scorpio will always enjoy spending their time together. However, you both are convinced that you are a bit better than your sibling. When there is a competition, you both will try your best to win it by any means necessary. Lost in your competition, you both might sometimes cross the line. You might be surprised at how far you two will take your rivalry; however, you’re both just trying to find ways to move the world a step or two closer to perfection. To be respectful of each other’s journey is something you both have to work on for the most prolonged period of your life.


Every moment between Libra and Scorpio is a fun based interaction from the way you converse with one another. Even competitions between you two are interesting to watch for an outsider.


Your rivalry will continue for much longer than anticipated, which comes from your need to always win every competition with your sibling.