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Sagittarius and Capricorn Sibling Compatibility


Curious and energetic, You have itchy feet and are one of the biggest travelers among all zodiac signs. You are a seeker who is in search of the meaning of life. As a Sagittarius, you have a philosophical approach towards life, and that might motivate people around you to seek this themselves as well. You are optimistic and enthusiastic and find comfort in change. Once you decide on your goals, you are determined to achieve them. Ruled by Jupiter, you are bound to be blessed with a great sense of humor and an enthusiastic attitude towards life. Your curiosity has led you to take on less-traveled roads, but at times, it had made you impatient with life. Your strength lies in your generosity and idealistic view of life. If you appreciate freedom, travel, and philosophy- such choices only make you hate anything rigid.


As a Capricorn, you are known as a master of ‘Self Control.’ You like to keep a practical approach to life. Your peers know you as someone solemn in life. You do not want to repeat your mistakes; hence that makes you a very cautious person. Thinking twice before taking any decision is you, and that has a lot to do with your significant ruling sign - Saturn. Saturn represents responsibility and restrictions that might sometimes lead you to act stiff, cold, and distant even to your near ones. It also makes it difficult for you to accept different views and appreciate others’ opinions. Forgiveness and acceptance are your two traits, if you inculcate them in your life, you might find yourself closer to people. Your strength lies in your disciplined attitude, whereas your weakness can be unacceptance and stubbornness. If you appreciate being balanced and practical in life, you might seem to hate everything at some point in life.

Sagittarius & Capricorn Sibling Compatibility

Sagittarius and Capricorn are likely to go on very different directions, but they can easily get along as well. Being Sagittarius, you are adventurous and always moving whereas Capricorn is reserved, and steady. Your choices in life are different as well. Capricorn is drawn to strategy games while Sagittarius likes any sport that can be played outside. As a Sagittarius, you like to go against the norms and question the rules, however, Capricorn doesn’t question the conventional things. If there are such differences in your way of living then the love for family is the common factor where you both will agree on. If there’s a family reunion, you both will work as a team to make it a successful event. This might bring you closer and help you to understand each other. If you keep your differences aside, there won’t be much difficulty for both of you to bond well.


Over time, you will learn to respect one another's opinions even though they are quite different.


Your interests are very different from each other as your personalities vary.