Sibling Compatibility Taurus & Aquarius I The White Mulberry

Taurus and Aquarius Sibling Compatibility


Being the sign of the Bull means being stable and staying comfortable in your own world. Those born as Taurus value honesty more than any other trait, therefore, you have to be careful to not lie to them in any way. You are also determined to complete any task thrown your way, therefore, any hard work will be done at the perfect time and with the best results. You are willing to do the impossible in order to finish what you have started. Also, Taurus are ambitious and will try their best to be successful. As Taurus, you are mostly very set in your ways. You could be seen as stubborn at times, as you believe that you have the right answer to almost any problem. This also makes you very weary of change that may come your way. Also, Bulls show that they could be perfectionists at times, which ties in with their need to finish what they started at the best possible quality of work.


As an Aquarius, you are an intellectual and found lost in your deep thinking process. Being the problem solver you are, people often seek answers, and you love to help them, for you are a giver. You see the world full of endless possibilities, but at the same time, you love your own space and like to be away from the world to recharge your inner batteries. Ruled by the Uranus planet, you can be rigid and act aggressively sometimes. But on the positive side, the planetary effect compels you to be focused, and you know exactly where you want to be in the next five or ten years. Your strength lies in your humanitarian spirit and your independent nature, whereas your weaknesses lie in your unforgiving and aggressive nature. If you appreciate being around people and helping them, you might dislike them the other minute if they disagree with you.

Taurus & Aquarius Sibling Compatibility

Taurus enjoys a challenging project while Aquarius is a visionary thinker. You are both more compatible than you seem from the outside. Taurus, you tend to love mind games and strategies, while Aquarius, you are a visionary thinker, and will take on any challenge where your vision can be implemented. This sibling relationship has the benefit of effective communication about any project as you try to work together by bringing your best skills forward. Aquarius will most likely have the leadership role while Taurus will be more dependable and trustworthy as a sibling.


As siblings, you will both try to give one another the best part of your personalities. Aquarius will try to make Taurus as much of a leader as possible, and Taurus will teach Aquarius how to depend on others as well.


When you fight, you may end up yelling at each other endlessly. But as you get older, you’ll come to appreciate your differences as you each pursue your dreams for success in the outside world.