Sibling Compatibility Taurus & Gemini I The White Mulberry

Taurus and Gemini Sibling Compatibility


Being the sign of the Bull means being stable and staying comfortable in your own world. Those born as Taurus value honesty more than any other trait; therefore, you have to be careful not to lie to them in any way. You are also determined to complete any task thrown your way; therefore, any hard work will be done at the perfect time and with the best results. You are willing to do the impossible in order to finish what you have started. Also, Taurus are ambitious and will try their best to be successful. As Taurus, you are mostly very set in your ways. You could be seen as stubborn at times, as you believe that you have the right answer to almost any problem. This also makes you very weary of change that may come your way. Also, Bulls show that they could be perfectionists at times, which ties in with their need to finish what they started at the best possible quality of work.


Geminis are usually interested in many different areas, to the point where they feel like they have to clone themselves. From this duality, the sign Air sign is usually seen as two-faced; however, that is far from the truth. You do not have a hidden agenda. You are generally playful and curious about the world. You are also continuously juggling your work, hobbies, friends, and family, which is why you usually do not have enough time to sit and maybe watch a movie. You feel like there always has to be movement around you. As a Gemini, you also love to express your emotions externally. If you have anything to say, you definitely will not dwell on it, but in fact, you will come out and express yourself. Through this expression, though, you have to think long before stating your thoughts as you may hurt others’ feelings at times. This is bound to happen since Gemini loves to talk on social portals such as Twitter as much as they like to talk in real life.

Taurus & Gemini Sibling Compatibility

Taurus and Gemini are the sibling pair that share a great bond despite their different personality. Your easygoing manner will allow Gemini to do most of the talking, and Gemini will appreciate your Taurean dependability. You both may take a while to realize that you go great together, but once you do, there will be excellent trails and adventure. Gemini will come up with imaginative ideas, and you will enjoy finding ways to make them work in the real world. Gemini wants to talk about his feelings in fights, while you seem to be bottling them up because you do not like to be vulnerable around others. If you tend to show up your temper during fights, Gemini will act wisely to give you space and gently slide down. Once you both learn a mutual approach, you will have an excellent relationship for the years to come.


You can easily depend on each other for anything. You will always have each others' backs. Love and compassion for each other will always keep your bond stronger.


As Gemini wants to talk about uncomfortable situations that may occur around them and Taurus is the opposite, some disputes may arise to no avail. Once you both learn more about yourselves, you will also learn to resolve those issues.