Sibling Compatibility Virgo & Capricorn I The White Mulberry

Virgo and Capricorn Sibling Compatibility


As a Virgo, you are most likely practical, systematic, and logical about every step in your life. You like to strive for perfectionism and nothing short of it. Most of all, though, you are always willing to help friends and colleagues in any way possible. Your kind and supportive attitude make you a long-time friend to others. You are always striving to provide practical solutions to any situation you or your friends face. Since you like to think well before making a decision, this will help you make more concise and close-to-perfect solutions as possible. In the process, you will usually not make any mistakes, but when you do, you will definitely learn so that you do not make them in the foreseeable future.



As a Capricorn, you are known as a master of ‘Self Control.’ You like to keep a practical approach to life. Your peers know you as someone solemn in life. You do not want to repeat your mistakes; hence that makes you a very cautious person. Thinking twice before taking any decision is you, and that has a lot to do with your significant ruling sign - Saturn. Saturn represents responsibility and restrictions that might sometimes lead you to act stiff, cold, and distant even to your near ones. It also makes it difficult for you to accept different views and appreciate others’ opinions. Forgiveness and acceptance are your two traits, if you inculcate them in your life, you might find yourself closer to people. Your strength lies in your disciplined attitude, whereas your weakness can be unacceptance and stubbornness. If you appreciate being balanced and practical in life, you might seem to hate everything at some point in life.

Virgo & Capricorn Sibling Compatibility

These Earth signs have an easy time getting along in most situations. Both of you take your work seriously, which leads to success in your adulthood. You will also like the same activities and hobbies, which will bring you closer together as well. You are very career oriented, and even as children you had the same hobbies and interests, such as opening a lemonade stand or a bake sale in your neighborhood. Always, you have had an eye for opening your own businesses. Capricorn usually sees the big picture, while Virgo will focus on the details in order for everything to look as perfect as it can.



As you grow up, you will enjoy each other's company more and more seeing as you are very similar in the way you take work seriously.


Capricorn has a tendency to take over, which might result in fights for the siblings.