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Diwali Gift | Festive Wine & Chocolate Pairing

Diwali Gift | Festive Wine & Chocolate Pairing

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Double the delight this Diwali with our Wine and Chocolate Extravaganza, featuring two bottles of fine wine complemented by a selection of handpainted chocolates in exotic flavors. The contents include:

  1. Bottle of White Wine or Champagne brewed locally in the Bay Area. Other wine options available. 
  2. Bottle of red wine brewed locally in the Bay Area.  Other wine options available.
  3. 48pc Chocolate Minis in unique assorted exotic chocolate flavors. Each piece is individually handpainted - a work of art in itself.
  4. Six individually handpainted chocolate bars:
    a. La Kama (Moroccan spices) with Lime filled chocolate bar
    b. Strawberry Balsamic filled chocolate bar
    c. Cappuccino filled chocolate bar
    d. Blood Orange filled chocolate bar
    e. Hot Chipotle Ganache filled chocolate bar
  5. Custom branded card with your personalized message

*equivalent substitutions will be made in case the items listed are not available at the time of fulfillment

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